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TQM highly focuses on sustainability. We believe a company performs better when they align with corporate sustainability. Instead of only looking at short term profits, we suggest to consider long term benefits from mutual interdependence and eco-innovation. 

















Ir. Dr. Aaron TONG and Dr. Patricia CHEUNG, principal consultant and corporate consulting director of TQM, as the first batch of being approved as Certified Sustainable Development planners (CSDP) by UNESCO Hong Kong Association are experienced and experts on sustainable development. For the past 24 years, TQM has provided consultancy and training services to clients and has completed over 4,000 projects in 35 industries. We have obtained a 70% share of certifications consultancy assignments by the HKSAR Government and government-related organizations. We have diverse knowledge and professionals in support of our services and with all our experiences showing that our ability is recognized by the Government. 


















We offer services to review your existing corporate plan on sustainability and provide the most suitable plan and advice to companies considering social, environmental and economical pillars. We aim to maximize your potential benefits by utilizing your ability and resources in the most effective way through coming up with a customized corporate sustainable plan for your company. With our professional knowledge and service, our sustainable action plans can help your company to result in higher long term profits, greater satisfaction from shareholders, improvement in brand image, lower costs and higher productivity.