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Techtronic Industries Group

1/3 Cost Reduction through Lean Tools

 Industry: Construction, Interior Design and Surveying Service: LEAN 6 Sigma/ BPI

Techtronic Industries Group (TTI) is a world-class leader in quality consumer and professional products marketed to the home improvement and construction industries. To improve the occupational health and safety situation, TTI invited TQM to help identify the occupational hazards and harms; and further implement LEAN Manufacturing in their factories.

Project Scope

  • Introduced LEAN tools to improve the quality

  • Reduce WIP, scraps and wastes

  • Consolidate and localize the suppliers

  • Implement 6S

  • Train staff on LEAN Manufacturing and other improvements



  • Reduced storage area by 32%

  • Reduced labour costs by 31%

  • Improved the system and operational efficiency and effectiveness

  • Equipped staff with knowledge in quality

  • Trained staff on process improvement tools

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Supply Chain Management

Management System

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