Case Sharing

Weego Corporation Limited

Improving Productivity and Enhancing Morality   

Industry: Toys and Children's Products
Service: LEAN 6 Sigma/ BPI/ Training

Weego Corporation Limited (Weego) has 20 years of professional experience in gifts manufacturing. To facilitate continuous improvement and communication effectiveness, Weego invited TQM to deliver a range of consultancy services.

Project Scope

  • Shorten the lead time and reduce the WIP inventory

  • Establish SMED concept in injection department

  • Improve the painting process and staff’s motivation function

  • Review, analyze and establish the NPD working process, the organization of R&D department and the core competition capacity

  • Develop a Weego Culture of Mutual Trust, Co-operation, Win-win, etc.

  • Raise the individuals' awareness to express themselves and to listen to others, to achieve high communication effectiveness


  • Made the management and staff more disciplined, positive, energetic and open to new ideas and perspectives

  • The improved communication efficiency enhanced work harmony

  • Decreased the NPD time per cycle from 100 days to 60 days and improved the quality control level

  • Reduced mould-changing time by 95.8% in 4 months

  • Improved efficiency by 5% and saved nearly HKD 2 Million per month