Case Sharing


Industry: Government/ Public Utility

Service: ISO Management System

Water Supplies Department (WSD) is one of the most important departments under the Development Bureau of the HKSAR Government, providing reliable and adequate supply of wholesome portable water and sea water to Hong Kong citizens. In the past few decades, WSD actively sought for improving their service and quality through conducting different improvement project. TQM is one of the consultancy firms to assist WSD to improve continuously.

1. Conduct a Gap Analysis on the Current Energy Management Practices against ISO 50001:2011

Project Scope

  • Review the existing energy management practices in various divisions (M&E/Maintenance, M&E/Projects, Operations Branch) of WSD

  • Arrange ISO 50001:2011 EnMS Awareness Briefing


  • Identified areas of significant energy use

  • Drafted the Preliminary Energy Management System Documentary Structure

  • Provided the Finalize System Review and Gap Analysis Report

2. Implementation of Energy Management System (ISO 50001:2011)

Project Scope

  • Establish an energy baseline for the Department using the information in the Energy Review, considering the past data already gathered by the Energy Management Team

  • Propose a certification scope statement to the Certification Body for ISO 50001:2011 Certification for WSD

  • Prepare an EnMS Manual, new EnMS specific procedures and revise the IQMS Manual and procedures as appropriate to address all ISO 50001:2011 EnMS documentation requirements

  • Assist to develop EnMS promotional campaigns for the whole WSD, to increase the awareness on the benefits of the EnMS, the implementation timetable, and audit & certification arrangement


  • Assisted WSD to obtain ISO 50001:2011 certificate

    • Reviewed the current procedures, checklists, record forms and reports regarding energy management, streamlined and incorporated them into the EnMS documentation system

    • Assisted the WSD EnMS Internal Auditors to conduct the first EnMS Internal Audit, prepared an Internal Audit Report and followed up on the observations and non-conformities found in the audit through the Corrective and Preventive Actions Procedure

    • Assisted WSD to carry out corrective and preventive actions to ensure full compliance with ISO 50001:2011

    • Provided recommendations for continual improvement of the EnMS

3. Management Systems (ISO 9001)

Project Scope

  • Provide consultancy service in 8 Divisions of WSD

    • Project Management Division

    • Design Division

    • M&E Maintenance & M&E Projects Division

    • Supply and Distribution Branch - Main Bursts and Leaks Function

    • Supply and Distribution Branch - Leak Detection Function etc.

  • Review the existing systems and identify gaps against ISO 9001 requirements

  • Design new documents and management system according to ISO 9001 and management expectation based on findings of the review

  • Implement ISO 9001 quality management system


  • Provided consultancy service in 8 Divisions of WSD and ALL achieved ISO 9001 certifications with ZERO non-conformance

  • Improved staff awareness of the importance of quality management


4. Management Systems - Consolidate and Incorporate the Core Functions (ISO 9001)

Project Scope

  • Assist WSD to consolidate & incorporate ALL the core functions of WSD

  • Review their strategies in managing the work

  • Analyze daily activities and established a new process


  • Assisted WSD to incorporate ALL the core functions into an IQMS in compliance with ISO 9001

    • Headworks Function

    • Distribution Function

    • Water Quality Control Function

    • Mechanical & Electrical Maintenance Function

    • Customer Complaint on Water Supply Handling Function etc.

  • Simplified internal process, further enhanced productivity and efficiency

5. Develop an Asset Management System (AMS)

Project Scope

  • Assess WSD’s current capability in asset management

  • Identify the gap for meeting PAS 55 specifications

  • Recommend the approach, methodology, steps & required procedures for establishing & implementing an AMS to manage WSD’s physical assets to ensure that the principal functions & services could be delivered & sustained


  • Assisted WSD to conduct a current state assessment on its capability in managing its physical assets

  • Identified options and recommended the most appropriate Asset Management System (AMS) in compliance with PAS 55 specifications

  • Established a business case for establishing the proposed AMS in WSD; and proposed an implementation plan for developing and maintaining the proposed AMS

6. Provide Various ISO 9001 Awareness, Internal Quality Auditor and Lead Auditor Training

Project Scope

  • Provide internal auditor training to assist WSD to maintain its ISO 9001:2000 certification

  • Train up the staff to identify areas of improvement to continually improve its Management System and Operation


  • Further enhanced ISO 9001:2000 management system awareness among the staff

  • Train up the staff to be able to identify non-conformities & observations, plan and implement corrective actions

  • Increased the operation effectiveness

  • Improved the transparency of the whole process