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Yip’s Chemical Holdings Limited


Hazardous Substance Management in Multiple Plants Centralized

Industry: Chemical Products Service: ISO/ SHE/ Management System

Yip's Chemical Holdings Limited (Yip’s) focuses on petrochemical product production and sale. Yip's invited TQM to conduct an overall quality system strategic review and provide improvement recommendations for its six factories to lay the foundation for Yip’s Chemical subsidiaries to achieve manufacturing excellence.

Project Scope

  • Develop a "quality system strategic review" program with a focus on ISO 9001 elements like material/ product identification and traceability process and use of ERP management system

  • Establish factory assessment checklist

  • Conduct an on-site assessment to the 6 subsidiary companies, including factories in Huiyang and Zhongshan

  • Propose improvement and implementation plans


  • Reviewed the Hazardous Substance (HS) management process of the toys grade coating & food grade printing ink subsidiaries

  • Reviewed effectiveness of ERP system in managing processes

  • Suggested improvements with implementation plan on HS management process (with ERP implementation) in the traceability of raw materials, WIP and finished products that underwent HS tests

  • Ensure processes to meet customer requirements (from Mattel, Sony, etc.) and HS national/ international laws & regulations

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Management Review Meeting

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