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Li & Fung Limited

Improve Competitiveness From Up the Supply Chain

Industry: Textile and Apparels
Service: LEAN 6 Sigma/ BPI

Li & Fung Limited (Li & Fung) is a leading global consumer good design, development, sourcing and logistics company serving major brands and retailers. It has an extensive network of suppliers for producing high-quality garment. Li and Fung consulted TQM to assist in improving supplier quality control in terms of production planning and processes. 


Project Scope


  • Develop supplier benchmarking assessment mechanism

  • Advised  suppliers on improving quality in IQC, IPQC & QA operations and production flows

  • Establish KPIs and information management systems

  • Actively enforce 5S management

  • Trained staff on quality awareness and technical skill


Project Details – Common Problems in Factories

After reviewing 5 of Li & Fung Top-Notch factories, TQM has greatly improved the quality in in IQC, IPQC & QA operations and production flows. Some include…

Handbag Factories


Metal Parts in Strips Assembly Improvement

TQM has investigated the redesigning and reconstructing of the bag strip for better production. TQM has launched DoE for investigating the possibility of automation for automatically rivet loading and to reduce time needed for rivet alignment. The production has been streamlined to one-piece flow instead of batch production. It can further reduce the waiting time for next process.


Packaging Process Improvement

This process can be drastically improved by implementing automation, tooling and fixture. Once TQM determines the procedure occupied a large portion of the whole process, we started investigating the possible solution to reduce the time for this process. Through redesigning the workflow, the production speed increased with less manpower.


Fabric and Sewing Factories


Color Inspection Improvement

Have you even found the product’s color unmatched with the description?


Factory lighting is essential. The color you see for a product depends on the mix of light frequencies that reach your eye. TQM immediately verify the appropriate light source to suit customer requirement and ensure the perceived color is the anticipated color.


          Natural versus artificial


Process and Quality Control & Control Plan


Most companies are looking for methods to reduce cost and eliminate waste in their processes. Maintained measurement and control in manufacturing processes helps facilitate a business’ overall success.


TQM helped to establish a comprehensive process control plan to ensure that the customer requirements will be met and the process variation will be reduced.


TQM’s Unique Subtractive Quality Assurance


TQM’s Director, Dr. Aaron TONG has introduced “Subtractive Quality Assurance”, whereas quality improvement does not always depend on cost. By analyzing the real cause, YTQM can be able to resolve the problem without spending excessive money in upgrading machines, recruiting more quality control staffs, etc.


Lighting Factories 


Light Bulb Test Improvement


TQM successfully adjusted the accelerating factor of aging test by 60%. By initially accelerated the light bulbs aging test by 120%, which compressed the testing time from 1,000 hours to 94 hours, TQM further accelerated the test by 120% and compressed the testing time form 1,000 hours to 2 hours.

Safety Critical Component

Through process review, TQM is able to identify the opportunities to eliminate repeated works and reduce the sample size and testing time without affecting the customer risk. TQM also assists to deploy customized instrument for dimension measurement, which allows workers to handle 20 pieces in a minute (3 pcs/min in the past).


Safety Critical Component


                                         Happy Supervisor

  • Lowered suppliers’ defect rate

  • Substantial improvement in suppliers’ quality and productivity performances and on-time delivery rate

  • Boosted competitiveness of Li & Fung and her suppliers